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17 Brilliant Things That’ll Keep You From Ever Having To Share (Two Fisted Drinker, #8)
Christina Lan, BuzzFeed


…Two Fisted Drinker makers describe their creation as, “Two beer mugs fused together by technology that is beyond our time.” I couldn’t agree more. As if two beers, in one hand weren’t enough, this dynamic duo of steins also drinks like a single…
Erin Carstens, Dude I Want That


‘I Wasted So Much Money’ is a site dedicated to cool gifts and gadgets. They featured the Two Fisted Drinker mug because they feel it fits both catgories…a gift and a gadget!


… The Two Fisted Drinker is essentially two beer glasses that have been made into one beer glass that you can drink out of. For what purpose nobody quite knows yet, but that’s not to say that I don’t want one…
Staff Writer, Oddity Mall


The Two Fisted Drinker has a pipe at the bottom that connects its 15oz. mugs. Drink from the side of one mug and the other mug won’t spill its contents. Get lots of one drink, mix two drinks or put ice in the other mug.
Staff Writer, The Awsomer


The Two Fisted Drinker Beer Mug holds more than two beers and auto-levels your drink. Whether you want to mix vodka with other drinks or add a bit of taste to your ice tea, the device can help.
geekycooking , Cooking Gizmos


“…Between them, is what the manufacturers refer to as the “magic hole”. Now, that term always had a very different meaning to me, and I highly doubt that there is any actual magic involved, but the hole allows for your liquid to level itself…”